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American Surgical Company's Patties Help Reduce the Potential for Retained Foreign Objects (RFO)

American Surgical Company's Patties Help Reduce the Potential for Retained Foreign Objects (RFO)

 June 26th, 2017 - ASC's Patties Help Reduce the Potential for RFOs

In 2002, the National Quality Forum has designated the "unintended retention of a foreign object" as Serious Reportable Events, events that are serious and largely preventable.1 In 2007, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services defined accidently retained surgical objects as an incident that "should not occur in a hospital setting" and therefore the costs associated with additional surgery in order to remove the retained object are not to be reimbursed.2 Retained foreign objects can become costly errors. Even with minimal or no harm to the patient, medicolegal costs can vary from $37,041 to $2,350,000, with an average case cost ranging from $95,0003 to over $200,0004. The average cost for a hospital stay to perform additional surgery to remove the foreign object is over $60,000.2

Retained Foreign Objects (RFOs) are considered serious events and easily preventable.

These medicolegal costs can be reduced or eliminated by adopting standard counting methods and products that utilize simple and effective tracing methods, such as locator threads and radiopaque elements. With these simple solutions, the potential for RFOs can be reduced by up to 82%4 providing improved outcomes for the patients and the medical staff. With the addition of locator threads and the industry's first standing counting card, ASC's neuro patties allow for an easy and accurate count of the number of devices used. Furthermore, all ASC products are x-ray detectable, helping to support safe counting procedures and reducing the potential for the occurrence of RFOs.

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Telfa® Precut X-Ray Detectable Neurosurgical Patties


Telfa® is a registered trademark of Covidien plc.

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3 Hariharan, D.; Lobo, DN. "Retained surgical sponges, needles and instruments". Ann R Coll Surg. Engl. 2013 Mar; 95(2): 87-92.

4 Regenbogen, SE; et. al. "Prevention of retained surgical sponges: a decision-analytic model predicting relative cost-effectiveness". Surgery. 2009 May; 145(5): 527-535.


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