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Introducing the Comfort Pack

Introducing the Comfort Pack

May 22nd, 2018 - Salem, MA - ASC launches a new solution for superior ocular anesthesia.

American Surgical Company is proud to bring to the market a new device to aid in the comfortable numbing of the eye prior to intravitreal injections. Current methods either require an initial injection of lidocaine or the application of an expensive proprietary lidocaine based gel. The use of an initial lidocaine injection can cause stress and discomfort to the patient as they face the prospect of having to endure two needles in their eye. Furthermore, it increases the risk of infection and subconjunctival hemorrhage as the surface is penetrated twice. The use of a topical gel is a more expensive alternative. In addition, it is a more viscous substance, thereby potentially reducing the efficacy of a post procedure antiseptic, as it can struggle to penetrate the surface of the gel.

With the Comfort Pack, you get the benefit of using lidocaine with the added ease that a topical anesthesia method provides. Containing everything needed to perform the numbing, the Comfort Pack represents a cost-effective solution that is easy to use and more comfortable for the patient.

Click here to learn more and request a free sample and let your patients join others in saying: "I can leave my pain tolerance at home".

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