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Try our X-ray Detectable Surgical Cotton Balls

Try our X-ray Detectable Surgical Cotton Balls

March 8th, 2017 - Salem, MA - Try our X-Ray Detectable Surgical Cotton Balls

Improved Traceability for Greater Confidence

In instances when a precision cut pattie does not meet specific surgical needs, a common practice is to take tufts of cotton from a larger pad or cotton ball and place them within the surgical site.  The use of these larger cotton materials can be cumbersome, generate loose fibers, and the cotton material may come from uncertain sources potentially sacrificing quality.  Since there are no built-in means of readily tracking a lost tuft of cotton during surgery, the potential risk of gossypiboma is increased and operating times may be longer.

Recognizing these issues and, in order to reduce complications during procedures, American Surgical Company provides the surgeon with a line of ready-made X-ray detectable cotton balls.

X-ray Detectable - Each premium cotton ball contains an x-ray detectable marker for increased safety and security.

Locator String - Available with or without locator strings.  While the locator strings provide extra security and traceability during procedures, ASC recognizes that there are procedures and techniques when the locator strings are not ideal.

Performance - Manufactured from premium sourced cotton and made to the same high standards as all of ASC's products.

Eight Size Options - Available in eight sizes ranging from 3mm to 51mm, which eliminates the need to spend time manually tearing tufts of cotton during procedures.

Contact us via email at or call us at 781-592-7200 to learn more and request a free sample.


P/N       Size

30-07 - 1/8"

30-00 - 1/4"

30-01 - 3/8"

30-02 - 1/2"

30-03 - 3/4"

30-04 - 1"

30-05 - 1 1/4"

30-06 - 2"



P/N       Size

31-07 - 1/8"

31-00 - 1/4"

31-01 - 3/8"

31-02 - 1/2"

31-03 - 3/4"

31-04 - 1"

31-05 - 1 1/4"

31-06 - 2"

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