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Cotton vs. Rayon: When Absorption Matters

Cotton vs. Rayon: When Absorption Matters

10/05/2017 - Salem, MA - Cotton vs. Rayon: When Absorption Matters

Neurosurgical Pattie Absorption Properties




With any surgical procedure, the ability to absorb fluid and keep the operating field clear is fundamental.  One method to achieve this, together with constant suction, is the use of surgical sponges and patties.  The benefit of the surgical sponge and pattie is that they not only provide absorption of fluid, they also help protect the underlying tissue. This is particularly critical when dealing with delicate structures that present themselves during neurosurgical procedures. 

Most neurosurgical patties on the market are made from 100% rayon, a regenerated cellulose material that has been the standard in the market for decades.  While this material may be suitable for most procedures, there are alternative materials that can provide unique benefits.  In some situations, there can be a need for increased absorption properties, while still having to provide protection for underlying tissue.  In these situations rayon is commonly used as there may not be an awareness of the presence of alternative materials with superior absorption.  A 100% cotton pattie, such as Americot® or Ultracot™, helps address this issue by providing the additional absorption that is needed.  

A  cotton pattie is capable of absorbing over 11 times its dry weight, which is 57% more fluid than a rayon pattie.  For situations where increased absorption is necessary, cotton neurosurgical patties provide additional absorption capability without sacrificing the ability to protect tissue.

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