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Premium Cotton Neurosurgical Patties and Strips. Unmatched absorbency. 100% US Cotton.

  • Best absorbency on the market
  • Protective
  • Stays wet longer

Compared to a leading competitor, Americot® neurosurgical patties are more absorbent, pliable, visible, stronger, filters a greater volume of fluid via suction, and retains fluid longer in drying conditions. Americot® offers the excellent protection and slow-drying properties of cotton plus the best absorbency of any other comparably-sized neuro patty or strip on the market. Americot® is capable of holding 11.4 times its dry weight in fluid when fully saturated. Americot® neurosurgical patties are manufactured with 100% premium USA Cotton, rendering them soft and hypoallergenic to minimize tissue irritation. Americot® is also the most visible neuro patty or strip. Its thick 1 mm profile renders it highly visible in any procedure. 

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Americot® is X-ray detectable and available in 22 sizes of neuro patties, 8 sizes of strips, and is packaged in quantities of 200 per box (20 pouches of 10).

All products are made in the U.S.A.

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Americot® Cotton Patties

Americot® Cotton Patties

Americot® Cotton Strips

Americot® Cotton Strips

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