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Ultra-absorbent. Ultra-pliable. The same ASC cotton standard of absorbency, but thinner and more pliable. 100% premium US cotton.

Ultracot™ neurosurgical patties are much thinner and pliable than competing cotton products. Ultracot™ was designed to be half the thickness of Americot® to give it extra pliability while still demonstrating the excellent absorbency that ASC’s premium cotton is known for. The Ultracot™ neuro patty is capable of absorbing nearly 10 times its dry weight in fluid, and has a very thin profile 0.02 inches (0.61 mm). 

When tested against a leading competitor neuro patty, Ultracot™ is more absorbent, more pliable, and retains fluid longer in drying conditions.

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Ultracot™ neurosurgical patties are available in 15 sizes, making them appropriate for any procedure, beginning as small as 5 x 8 mm for operation in tight scenarios, and as large as 70 x 100 mm for protection and cushioning between instrumentation and delicate tissue. Ultracot is X-ray detectable and available in 15 sizes of neuro patties and packaged in quantities of 200 per box (20 pouches of 10).

All products are made in the U.S.A.

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Ultracot™ Cotton Patties

Ultracot™ Cotton Patties

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