Brigham and Women’s Hospital 2019 Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Symposium

American Surgical was honored to support the Brigham and Women’s 2019 Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Symposium. The day’s event was designed to provide clinically relevant information to update providers on decision making, complication avoidance, and treatment strategies. Neurosurgeons discussed and debated on updates on technological advances in the field from the perspectives of neurosurgery and interventional neuroradiology.

Fueled by a collective mandate to improve the care provided to patients and their long-term outcomes, creative minds, and masters in cerebrovascular and skull base surgery, as well as affiliated fields, congregated at the Harvard Club of Boston and discussed the fundamental questions in neurosurgery: What to do? How have we changed and where can we go next? How do we distill and carry forth the legacy learned from our mentors within our careers and lives? We Thank Dr. Patel for inviting us!

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