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“I have been using Delicot and other neuro patties produced by American Surgical Company in nearly all of my surgical cases,

...which comprises over 6000 major craniotomies and skull base procedures over the past ten years.  I have not encountered any problems with safety or any complications by these neuro cottonoids or patties.”

Takanori Fukushima, M.D., D.M.Sc.
Professor of Neurosurgery, Duke University and West Virginia University,
Director, Carolina Neuroscience Institute for Skull Base Surgery,
Co-Director, International Neurosurgery Education & Research Foundation


“American Surgical Company delivers impeccable service and top flight products tailored to your particular neurosurgical needs...

...This is one of the few privately owned surgeon-friendly manufacturers that actually delivers superb products.”

Richard G. Ellenbogen, M.D., F.A.C.S.,
Professor and Chairman, University of Washington School of Medicine,
Theodore S. Roberts Endowed Chair in Pediatric Neurosurgery,
Chief of Neurosurgery at H.M.C.,
Residency Program Director


“For the field of micro-neurosurgery there is no substitute for these exquisitely crafted sponges...

... they will enhance the capabilities of any neurosurgeon doing true microsurgery for skull base tumors, vascular neurosurgery, and intraventricular surgery.”

Lokesh Tantuwaya, M.D.
Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, California
Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, California
Palomar/Pomerado Medical Center, Escondido, California
John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Indio, California


“American Surgical Company sponges are the best sponges I have been able to find for microsurgery...

...They are thin. They are strong. They don't shed. They add good protection to the brain without adding extra bulk. They come in multiple sizes which is also very helpful.”

Allan H. Friedman, M.D.
Chief, Division of Neurosurgery
Deputy Director, Duke University Medical Center, The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center and Preuss Lab,
Guy L. Odom Professor of Neurological Surgery


“I have been using Delicot sponges for almost twenty years now...

...There is no doubt in my practice that the soft consistency and pliability of these sponges has fundamentally shaped the way that I do surgery. Protection of neural and vascular structures just cannot be done as effectively or safely when using thicker, stiffer sponges. Therefore, I have come to rely on Delicot sponges as a critical element to intracranial surgery and spinal cord microsurgery.”

J.D. Day, M.D.
Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery
University of Arkansas for Medical Science


“I use a variety of different sized American Surgical Company sponges to assist me in the intraoperative management of patients with complex, spine and spinal cord disorders...

...When performing microneurosurgery, I use the smallest microsurgical sponges; I literally use American Surgical Company sponges for every operative case.”

Mark N. Hadley, MD, FACS
Professor, Neurological Surgery
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine


"Use of the ArmourSorb device is a simple and safe way of protecting the dura or soft tissue during skull base surgery...

...They provide good absorption while minimizing the risks of using high speed drills for bone removal, during both craniotomy and opening of the internal auditory canal."

E. Michaelides, MD
Asst. Professor Surgery-Otolaryngology
Yale School of Medicine


"As a surgeon I take every step to protect my patients and my staff in the operating room...

...and using the innovative ArmourSorb drill resistant sponges in conjunction with a high speed drill to lower the risk of complications during my skull base procedures is simply the next logical step."

Inventor of ArmourSorb Deflective Device

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