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Developing new single-use, absorbent medical devices for doctors and refining existing products is both science and art. It’s also teamwork. At ASC, our relationships with surgeons and other industry experts play an integral role in allowing us to leverage the best in health-related intelligence to advance the future of medicine.

Our primary goal is to help patients and health care professionals by partnering with inventors to bring innovative products to the market. We employ a proven product development process, from initial conceptualization all the way through to market launch. When we take on a project, we commit to working with the inventor to bring the idea in their head to life and ultimately to the market.

When you partner with American Surgical Company, your idea will not get lost in some faceless corporate maze. In fact, we are uniquely positioned to develop niche products that may have smaller markets. We’re bringing life-changing approaches to surgery to life.

Why Choose Us?

We design & manufacture products that solve unique problems for surgical teams.

Better performing, more innovative products developed with our physician partners.

98% customer retention, with products used every 4.2 seconds worldwide.

Our Inventor Proven Process

An opportunity to review the product idea and the current IP status to see if it's a good fit.
Mutual NDA
We'll both sign a mutual NDA
Detailed Review
Begin to outline the potential market, possible regulatory pathway and review development
Preliminary market analysis; high-level sales process review; outline regulatory strategy; IP review; manufacturability analysis
Initial prototyping; market analysis
ASC and inventor will sign a licensing/royalty agreement for any applicable IP
Regulatory approval
Develop marketing strategy; develop sales process (and train); transfer to manufacturing

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