Atlas Choice™ Bipolar ForcepsDisposable Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps

  • Solid silver precision tips
  • Low-profile slim tines
  • Stainless steel body for improved durability
  • Dual irrigation options

Superior Tip FunctionalitySolid Silver for Superior Coagulation

Solid silver tips for superior non-stick effect. Solid silver allows for superior conductivity thereby using less generator power than silver plated tips. Unparalleled heat sink with advanced heat transport technology conveys heat away from the tips to minimize charring. Experience the neurosurgical advantages.

luer lock irrigation option.

bipolar forcep irrigation

Low-profile Slim TinesFor superior access to deeper surgical corridors

Low profile slim tines offer deeper access to narrow surgical corridors and enhanced visual performance.

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Product code Length Tip size
BIP-ATMI-04 8 in 0.5 mm
BIP-ATMI-05 8 in 1.0 mm
BIP-ATMA-03 8 in 1.5 mm
BIP-ATMA-04 8 in 2.0 mm
BIP-ATMI-O7 9 in 0.5 mm
BIP-ATMI-08 9 in 1.0 mm
BIP-ATMI-09 9 in 1.5 mm


Product code Length Tip size
BIP-ATMI-04-IR 8 in 0.5 mm
BIP-ATMI-05-IR 8 in 1.0 mm
BIP-ATMA-03-IR 8 in 1.5 mm
BIP-ATMA-04-IR 8 in 2.0 mm
BIP-ATMI-O7-IR 9 in 0.5 mm
BIP-ATMI-08-IR 9 in 1.0 mm
BIP-ATMI-09-IR 9 in 1.5 mm


Atlas Choice™ Disposable Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps 4

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Atlas Choice™ Disposable Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps 5

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