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 ComfortPack™ Eye Pledgets

  • Eye pledgets absorb anesthetic solutions for precise and effective numbing
  • Eliminates waste and increases cost savings
  • Sterile strung cotton eye pledget is a multi-use product for the clinic or OR
  • Allows for anesthesia that’s easier on your patients’ eyes and easier for you to manage.

The sterile ComfortPack™ is the result of our partnership with an ophthalmologist to provide a better solution for anesthetizing the eye. The ComfortPack™ comes in a package with two sterile strung cotton pledgets, a dispensing cup, and a swab.

The ComfortPack™ technique removes the need for a lidocaine injection thereby reducing the risk of infection and hemorrhage while increasing patient comfort.

The ComfortPack™ saves your practice time allowing you to see more patients. The ComfortPack™ pledget solution is extremely cost-effective, eliminating wasteful spending on multiple anesthetic products.

Manufactured in Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Packaged: 30 pouches | For product availability outside of the US, please contact us.

The ComfortPack includes 2 pledgets, 1 cotton swab applicator and 1 cup in each pouch. Pledget only versions are available.

ComfortPack™ Eye Pledgets 1




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