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Telfa® Surgical Pattie

  • Remarkably low tissue adhesion with high absorbency 
  • Thinner  locator string for improved visibility 
  • Precision cut providing smooth edges reducing the potential for loose fibers

Telfa®* is a natural/polymer hybrid neurosurgical pattie for both reduced adhesion and high absorbency. Telfa® neurosurgical patties are capable of absorbing more than 11 times their dry weight in fluid. This is possible because of the combination of a Telfa® outer layer surrounding the absorbent cotton inner layer. Perforations in the surface layer facilitate rapid fluid absorption into the cotton interior and provide the ability to aspirate through the pattie resulting in a remarkably versatile neurosurgical pattie that is slow to dry; similar to 100% cotton neurosurgical patties. Telfa® patties are often used behind retractor blades in skull base procedures to help reduce stress on the underlying tissue.

Manufactured in Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 

Material: Cotton & polymer Telfa | Packaged: 200 per box (20 pouches of 10 patties)

*Telfa® is a registered trademark of KPR U.S., LLC

telfa sizes
Telfa strips
* These sizes are not to scale.

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