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  • Soft tissue protection device
  • Strong protective layer to help deflect high speed drills and prevent damage from incidental contact 
  • Single barium line for X-ray detectability
  • Smooth precise edges reducing the potential for loose fibers.

ArmourSorb® is the newest advancement in soft tissue protection. ArmourSorb® combines the absorbency and moisture retention of a traditional neurosurgical pattie with additional protection offered by our proprietary outer layer.

Designed for use in procedures where soft tissue is exposed to instrumentation, such as craniotomies, acoustic neuromas, spinal laminoplasty and laminectomies. Use of the ArmourSorb® device is a simple and safe way of protecting the dura or soft tissue during both skull base surgery and spinal procedures.

Made and Manufactured in Salem, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Material: Rayon | Packaged: 15 per box (15 pouches of 1 device each)

* These sizes are not to scale.

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