Case Study: Meridian Cranial Perforator

The Meridian cranial perforators are made in Germany and are available in the most commonly used sizes including 11/14mm. The cranial perforators all have hu single-use and made for burr hole trepanation in neurosurgery.  The cranial perforators are available in the most commonly used sizes with hudson end fitting.

Conclusion by performing surgeon Dr. Siamak Asgari, Director Neurosurgical Department, Klinikum Ingolstadt, Germany: ​

“In May, we conducted a clinical trial with single-use MERIDIAN perforators by Adeor for three burr hole trepanations. I was able to guide the perforator securely, almost without applying any force. In all three cases, the trepanation was conducted within a few seconds. The bone pad cut by the perforator resulted in a good protection of the dura, which did not show any sign of indentation by the perforator. I was able to lift the bone pad easily using a micro dissector. There was no need for further work on the borehole. ​I can conclude that the MERIDIAN perforator performs better than the perforators used currently in our hospital. I felt confident and safe using this tool.“​